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    Total lab automation. Stand-alone. Open platform.
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    Universal. Easy to use.  
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FIT (faecal immunochemical tests) have superior characteristics compared to conventional qualitative tests. They are analytically and clinically more sensitive and specific. What’s more, you can automate the FIT measurements and adjust the concentration at which a positive result is reported. FIT is therefore considered the best screening test for laboratories.

Sysmex offers FIT testing for two main audiences: Large-scale screening programmes (rule-in testing) and testing of symptomatic patients (rule-out testing) in hospital or clinical routine settings.

FIT for CRC SCREENING PROGRAMMES (rule-in testing)

The FIT-based screening test is easy to perform and manages to attract high participation rates. Generally, national or regional administrations assume responsibility for managing the logistics, financials and efficiency of the programmes in close cooperation with their selected laboratory partners.

Thanks to this centralisation approach, you can focus on your main challenges of processing samples quickly, cost efficiently and without losing standardised analytical quality.

Please click on the links below to learn more about FIT solutions based on your throughput needs. 


Symptoms such as rectal bleeding, unexplained weight loss, anaemia, abdominal pain and an altered bowel habit may be associated with CRC, but in most cases will have different causes. FIT detects blood in stool invisible to the naked eye and is an effective triage for physicians when determining which patients will most likely benefit from further invasive investigation.

For the testing of symptomatic patients in a routine lab, you would usually expect a low number of FIT samples. To meet these needs, you can place the patented universal FOBGold  tube on your lab’s clinical chemistry analyser. Considering economical as well as practical aspects, you may favour a dedicated faecal analysis system (SENTiFOB or SENTiFIT 270) in case of a higher workload. The FIT solutions from Sysmex offer you this freedom of choice. 

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For more information as to which solution would suit your individual needs better, please get in touch with your local Sysmex representative.

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Sysmex is proud to bring innovation for early recognition, individualising cancer therapy, and using less invasive diagnostics to improved prognoses and greater quality of life for colorectal cancer patients. 

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