• Total lab automation. Stand-alone. Open platform.
    Total lab automation. Stand-alone. Open platform.
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    Universal. Easy to use.  
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Dedicated faecal analyser

In clinical settings with a high volume of symptomatic patient testing, sample batching can be impractical, so in this case, we recommend using a dedicated faecal analyser. Sysmex suggests the SENTiFOB for up to 100 samples per day, and the SENTiFIT 270 for a higher number of samples or if you wish to combine the testing of faecal haemoglobin with that of other faecal parameters. Both SENTiFOB and SENTiFIT 270 are stand-alone solutions that work together with the patented FOB Gold pierceTube. 

Note: For more information about other faecal immunochemical assays that are available on SENTiFIT 270, please get in touch with your local Sysmex representative.