• Total lab automation. Stand-alone. Open platform.
    Total lab automation. Stand-alone. Open platform.
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    Universal. Easy to use.  
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Sample Testing: more than 1250 samples/day

Larger-scale screening programmes often need connections to total lab automation systems due to the high throughput. Sample collection is organised by the administrative organisation, which ensures submission of samples to partner laboratories. Sysmex has significant experience organising such screening programmes, even on a national scale.

Sysmex is keen to help in CRC screening with FIT as the prime provider of large-scale screening programmes. Thanks to this centralisation approach, there is room to focus on labs’ main challenges of processing samples quickly, cost efficiently and without losing standardised analytical quality.

With this sample throughput, we recommend our walk-away solutions.

Advantages of the Sysmex Walk-Away Solutions

  • High throughput
  • High quality standardisation

  • Lower hands-on time in lab

  • Higher walkaway time in lab
For all high throughput needs, we customise our solutions in line with the needs of the screening organisations and the relevant lab settings. This involves harmonising issues such as the number of laboratory hubs and the distribution of the samples. We are delighted to offer consultancy in this area based on our experience. Please get in touch. 

With such high throughputs, once the samples arrive at the testing hubs/labs, you need to be absolutely confident that your throughput and quality is guaranteed. By providing the automated platform dedicated to FIT, we ensure the faecal immunological samples are processed as efficiently as possible.