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Smaller-scale screening programmes generally do not need connections to total lab automation systems due to the relatively low to medium throughput needs. Sample collection is organised by the administrations in charge, which ensures the submission of samples to the partner laboratories. 

Sysmex Europe is known as a knowledge leader. Within the scope of our oncology portfolio, we offer solutions for many aspects of cancer management. We deliver a holistic approach, supporting you and your work in our role as a partner. We offer you a best-in-class network of support and service – as befits the global leader in haematology. 

With a throughput of up to 100 FIT samples per day, we recommend to you the SENTiFOB analyser in combination with the SENTiFIT pierceTube for your dedicated testing. 


  • The pierceable tube does not require any sample preparation whatsoever.
  • The haemoglobin remains stable in the tube for 32 days at 2-8 degrees Celsius or for 14 days at 24-32 degrees Celsius.
  • The tube fulfils the compressive strength requirement of UN 3300 for sample transport according to the packaging regulation P 650 of the ADR and IATA.
  • utomated sample archiving can be carried out by a tube sorter using standard racks.


SENTiFOB is a fully automated clinical-chemical analysis system. It has been specifically developed to process the SENTiFIT pierceTube for the quantitative determination of occult faecal haemoglobin. The SENTiFOB is a reliable system for laboratories with low throughput needs, such as those serving decentralised CRC screening programmes. 

The SENTiFOB can evaluate up to 100 samples per hour. Measurements are fast, safe and hygienic, since no kind of sample preparation or treatment is necessary, i.e. no further contact between the laboratory staff and the sample material takes place. 

The SENTiFIT pierceTube can only be placed in the sample rack with the pierceable side facing up. This prevents any delays in processing or erroneous results caused by incorrectly positioned tubes, which would otherwise have to be turned over by hand, causing further need for manual handling. This is effectively avoided. 

Technical Data SENTiFOB  

Dimensions (W x D x H): 840 mm x 670 mm x 615 mm 
Throughput: up to 100 samples/hour

Sample loading capacity 
Total on-board accommodation of 72 samples. The analyser has a loading capacity of three sample racks holding 24 tubes each. 

Measure up to 480 tests without changing the reagent 
You can measure up to 480 tests without changing the reagent on the SENTiFOB, since you can initially load up to three sets of reagent. This means fewer interruptions of your routine processing, enabling higher throughput and faster availability of the results. 

Automatic warning of a deviation of the fluid level 
An integrated sensor warns of deviations from the correct fluid level in the sample tube. This ensures that only correctly filled SENTiFIT pierceTubes are measured, which in turn effectively prevents false positive or false negative measurement results. 

Integrated sensor prevents blocking of the sample needle 
A sensor sends an error message in the event of having detected solid microparticles, thereby preventing blockage in the sample needle. This makes a second filter in the sample tube superfluous.